Our customers in Dallas, TX are always looking for the perfect outdoor entertainment system to elevate their summer and fall days. When the weather heats up, and it’s time for BBQ, a few beers, and a lot of laughs, you need the right components to ensure your family and your guests are having a great time. And here in Texas, you can use your system nearly all year round, or as long as the temperatures remain pleasant.

Ready to learn more? Here are a few critical components of any outdoor entertainment system.

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1. An Outdoor Terrace TV

Choosing the right outdoor TV makes or breaks an open-air entertainment system. It’s the centerpiece of the design, and as such, it needs to be thought through carefully. The ideal design and the right brand are both critical.

That’s why we recommend the new Samsung outdoor Terrace TV. These QLED 4K TVs are available up to 75 inches and have 2,000+ nit brightness levels to ensure you can see the picture at any time of the day or night, even the bright summer sun.

Once you have your outdoor TV, you need to make sure you have speakers that compliment your display and can drown out the loudest sounds of summer, even cicadas.

2. Marine-Grade Loudspeakers

Rain or shine, your outdoor speakers need to be able to withstand the worst Texas can throw at it. Thunderstorms are common here, and so are high temperatures, so you need marine-grade solutions that will survive the harsh weather for years to come.

That’s why we recommend outdoor speakers from James Loudspeaker, especially their LCR speaker bar. This high-quality piece of equipment is going to keep your family enjoying great tunes and the sounds of the Cowboys all year long while fighting off the worst weather that Texas can throw at it.

This is such a critical component of any outdoor entertainment system because music and BBQ are a staple of Texas summers, but there’s another type of speaker you’re going to need to truly create the soundscapes of summer.

3. Bollard Speakers

Rounding out your outdoor designs are luxury bollard speakers from Origin Acoustics. These elegant, sleek speakers have an integrated subwoofer that’s buried beneath the earth, allowing you to have powerful bass in a compact package.

Our technicians are highly trained in installing these speakers and other components while respecting and maintaining your landscaping. Let’s talk about how we can find the right solution for your needs.

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