The Perfect Centerpiece for Your Home Audio System

If you’re a music lover or record collector, you know that if a song sounds good in MP3, it will be ten times better on vinyl. With the right speakers, you’ll listen to your favorite recordings, just like the artist intended them to sound.

But what kind of turntable are you using? Today, we’re shining a spotlight on McIntosh’s MTI100 Integrated Turntable, an audiophile’s dream that makes the perfect centerpiece in any home audio system.

The McIntosh MTI100 is on display in our listening room in Dallas, TX, so we know a thing or two about how it works. Keep reading to see how a McIntosh home audio system can enhance your music experience.

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Amplifier and Preamplifier All in One

It’s not common to see an amplifier and preamplifier together in one device, making the McIntosh turntable uniquely plug-and-play. But what is the difference between a preamplifier and an amplifier? A preamp boosts weak signals to line levels, and from there, an amplifier increases the line-level so it can be sent to other speakers.

The combination is vastly beneficial to achieve rich bass notes with even mid and high-range frequencies. On most cheaper turntables, you’ll never hear all frequencies and musical elements, with audio quality no better than an iPhone speaker. Your vinyl deserves to be heard in the best quality, and this turntable by McIntosh will do your favorites justice.

Audio in Every Room and Outdoors

The McIntosh Integrated Turntable’s outputs allow you to send music to speakers across the house if you have a multi-room setup. Its Bluetooth 4.2 input enables streaming, plus you can connect other sources like a CD player or TV. Whether you use floor-standing loudspeakers or hidden in-wall speakers, your music will follow you from room to room.

Plus, there’s no need to restrict your music to indoors only. We can integrate weatherproof outdoor speakers and subwoofers into your whole-home music, with the McIntosh turntable at the heart of it all. High-end outdoor speakers are built to endure all weather and temperatures and discreetly blend into your landscaping with small satellite models or rock speakers. We’ll neatly run wires and protective conduit underground, and every speaker can be accessed from one smart control system.

Experience McIntosh Audio in Our Dallas Listening Room

For unparalleled music immersion, visit Texadia System’s listening room in Addison, TX, where we’ll play the McIntosh Integrated Turntable so you can hear the difference yourself.

You can contact us at (214) 956-5820 or submit our contact form here to learn more and discuss your home’s audio needs. We look forward to speaking with you!