Exploring the Advantages of Cloud-Based Conferencing Systems

Whether you run a design agency or a legal firm, most contemporary offices require a video conferencing system. As we collaborate with professionals across the country and globe, there needs to be an efficient, streamlined way to share presentations, pitch ideas, and educate each other. And with more people working remotely than ever, the need for great conferencing technology is only increasing.

While hardware-intensive conferencing systems have been the norm for years, we’re excited about new cloud-based solutions that make processes easier for your Frisco, TX business. Why are we going cloud-based? Continue reading to see why!

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The Cloud-Based Advantage

Traditional video conferencing relies heavily on expensive hardware and requires the most support from IT. Servers need to be maintained and monitored for outages, and the software needs periodic upgrading as well. Web conferencing offers video elements to web-based meeting room services, which are usually best for small groups to share information. The success will depend significantly on both your and your client’s internet service, which may reduce visibility and sharing displays.

Cloud video conferencing is the most straightforward system to deploy and use. A shared company directory allows users to connect by name rather than a dial string. The easy to use StarLeaf app also allows your staff to conference with anyone wherever they might be. A high-definition cloud service like StarLeaf offers clearer, more secure video meetings. You can also minimize the costs of wiring and hardware infrastructure in your conference room and enjoy a more streamlined appearance.

StarLeaf Cloud Video Conferencing

At Texadia Systems, our preferred video conferencing system is by StarLeaf, the Cambridge, UK-based software company. With StarLeaf, you’ll connect to your laptop or tablet to the console, and your screen will instantly appear on the projector display. You won’t have to finagle and scour your computer to set up the system correctly—those are the only steps! StarLeaf also supports bi-directional screen sharing, multiple cameras, and up to 100 remote attendees.

To see just how easy conferencing is with StarLeaf, have a look at the video below!

Interoperability & Ease of Administration

A cloud system like StarLeaf supports any-to-any connectivity, including various video systems, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The system can also connect to devices made by any manufacturer, which is not always the case with other providers. The best web conferencing systems, like StarLeaf, will also include an online dashboard with reports on statistics like user participation and device usage. This is valuable when it’s time to evaluate the system come renewal time. An online administration portal also makes it simple to customize user and meeting room directories, allowing you to control security permissions.

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