Managing Your Home Has Never Been Easier

smart home system like Savant has the power to consolidate all your home’s technologies into one platform. Just like our smartphones can call, text, navigate GPS, and search the web, automation includes all of your house’s subsystems under one umbrella. You can access lighting, audio, video, security, HVAC, and more from one intelligent controller.

If you’re curious about home automation, Savant has been one of the leading names in the industry since 2005. But what does smart home living really look like? And what will your daily routine be like with a Savant system?

Until you’ve seen Savant in action, it’s hard to fully grasp what an automated home is like. But as a Savant dealer based in the Plano, TX area, we’ll share what you can expect with a new smart home system.

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Save Rooms & Scenes for Easy Access

A Savant dealer helps connect all your technology—from TVs to heated floors—to your Savant system. But scrolling through a long list of all your devices would take more time than it’s worth.

That’s why Savant lets you group your gadgets and systems into rooms for speedy access. On the Savant app or touchscreen remote, you can save rooms like “Bedroom,” “Dining Room,” and “Backyard” to quickly find what you’re looking for. You can even save a background image of the room to improve navigation. In just a few swipes, you’ll turn off all the lights upstairs or play music across the whole house.

Custom scenes can not only turn on and off specific devices, but they will also save your preferred settings. For instance, a “Breakfast” scene can turn on kitchen lights to a low level, set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature, and play a folk playlist over in-wall speakers whenever you’re in the mood.

Remotely Check on Your Home

Whether you’re home or away, you can still control your house through the Savant app. If you left the house in a hurry and forgot to turn off the lights and AC, there’s no reason to stress! Simply open your Savant app and power off your house remotely. You can even program systems to turn on automatically, so you always return home to the porch lights on and hallway bright, greeting you after a day of work.

If you own security devices, such as cameras, alarms, and motion sensors, you can easily pull up footage and check notifications on the Savant app. Your security system will be in the same app as lighting and motorized shades, so you can make it look like you’re home even if you’re across the country on vacation.

Control Your System in Several Ways 

While the Savant Pro App is sleek and sophisticated, it’s not the only option for control. The Savant Pro Remote X2 lets you access all your devices—from the home theater to landscape lights—with customized buttons on the home screen.

Got your hands full? Use your favorite voice assistant like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant to control your house with voice. And occasionally, it can feel more intuitive to use a wall switch, especially with lighting and shading. The Savant Metro keypads are modern and customizable, letting you activate lighting and audio scenes like “Party” with one tap of a button. In addition, the Savant Touch tablet screens may be mounted on a wall or a tabletop surface, letting you swipe through pages and save scenes in seconds.

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