The Benefits of Hiring a Design-Build Integration Firm

If your business needs an AV technology upgrade, there are typically two routes you can take. You could hire an AV consulting firm to design a system that they’ll put up for bid to installation firms. Or you can call up an AV integration firm that will both design and install the technology.

Some folks may tell you that it’s best to split the work between two experts. Let one firm handle the design, and another do the installation. But we believe there’s real value to working with a design-build integration firm that does both jobs.

Whether you need a conference room audio-video system or digital signage across your business, read on to see why hiring an AV integration firm is the smartest choice for your Fort Worth, TX company. And to learn more about commercial AV possibilities, subscribe to our monthly newsletter here.

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Quicker Project Timelines & Turnaround 

When only one firm is handling both the design and installation of your AV system, it’s bound to be a speedier process. There will be fewer design meetings and no mistakes made by third-party assumptions. Expectations will be set from the beginning, and all questions answered before the design process begins.

One Company Is Responsible 

When a project is split between a consultant and an integrator, it’s unclear who’s responsible for the task at large. Whose fault is it if something doesn’t go as planned? For example, a consultant may have a specific solution in mind, while the integrator knows that some equipment does not work well together. What looks good on paper doesn’t always work in practice.

Design-build firms like Texadia Systems are on the front line for every project, solving problems and learning from experiences. This knowledge leads to better designs that create reliable solutions every time.

A Single Point of Contact 

Even if you’re working with first-class equipment, technology does occasionally fail or needs to be upgraded. If something needs repair in your system, who are you going to call? A design-build integrator offers continual support and maintenance long after the installation is complete. It’s our goal to be a strategic partner with you—and not just another sub-contractor getting a job done.

Worth the Investment 

Many business owners are under the perception that if their project is competitively bid, it will cost less. But that’s not necessarily true. If you find the right design-build integrator, you’ll find consistent communication, project management, and a working relationship with any other contractors involved. At Texadia Systems, it’s our goal to build trust with you and exceed your expectations.

We’re an audio-visual design and integration firm that specializes in both commercial and high-end residential solutions. For an AV installation in the Fort Worth, TX area, contact our team here. We look forward to assisting you!