Improve Conference Productivity and Collaboration with These Smart Solutions

The first thing people notice when they walk into a boardroom, just like in a theater, is the display. Clients will wonder, where are we supposed to direct our attention? If you have an important presentation, the worst that can happen is an awkward delay by faulty or outdated technology. So ask yourself: Is your business’ conference room audio video up-to-date and easy to configure? Does it inspire visitors to say ‘oh, wow’ or wait in painful silence? 

With automation technology, you can make your conferences a seamless and exciting experience. To learn how your conference room can transform your Plano, TX business, continue reading below!  

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High-Fidelity Speakers & Microphones 

It’s hard to envision the difference until you experience it, but with high-quality speakers and microphones by likes of Biamp, you’ll hear full-bodied audio that delivers outstanding voice reproduction and noise suppression. Incorporated into your Crestron smart system, you’ll easily connect in-wall or in-ceiling speakers to select and play the right audio. Biamp’s Devio microphones feature acoustic echo cancellation and three 120-degree zones, so your teams won’t need to cluster over the table to shout into the console. Their microphones intelligently mix conversations from around the table, allowing virtual guests to hear you as if they were in the room. 


4K Video Display 

If you’re presenting a video or sales pitch, your work should look just as good as it sounds. To further modernize your office, consider using 4K video conferencing technology. A higher resolution screen or projector will present sharper image quality for presentations, and on the camera end, your video quality will capture much more detail. Subtle as it may seem, videoconferencing with a potential client over distorted or fuzzy footage will make your company appear outdated or cheap. Let everyone know just how innovative your team really is with the latest 4K technology. 


Total Control with Crestron 

As we’ve mentioned, a smart control system like Crestron can merge all of your technology into one place. From there, you’ll adjust settings from a smartphone, tablet, or panel. This includes your screens and speakers, but also extends to motorized shades, lighting, and security. Your office is easier than ever to manage, and you can also create presets and schedules so that technology will activate at the same time.  


All-In-One Conferencing 

Connected to your control system, the Crestron Mercury is a tabletop video conference console with a camera that makes virtual conferencing simple and visually pleasing. The Crestron Mercury enables wideband audio conferencing, speakerphones, multimedia presentations, and content sharing through one single touch screen device. AirMedia wireless presentation technology is built-in, so your staff can connect their laptops and tablets instantly to share their project. Say goodbye to cables and dongles cluttering the table—with Crestron’s conferencing technology, connection and collaboration happen immediately. Crestron is also compatible with Microsoft productivity applications, so you can easily link your calendars and documents to devices. 

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