Use Our Guide to Make the Best Decision for Your Business

Finding improved ways to meet and collaborate with staff and clients is a on-going process in our technology-driven world. Teams are becoming both increasingly connected and geographically dispersed. That’s why it’s important to stay on the lookout for the latest and greatest upgrades to video conferencing technologies you’re using—or not using—in your business operations.

Think it’s time for a new video conferencing system for your Dallas, TX office? We can help you put the best foot forward in finding the perfect solution for your company’s goals. Just follow our guide below to get started.

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  1. Define Your Needs

Before you begin researching the latest video conferencing systems on the market, first think about what your business needs in order to run meetings effectively and efficiently.

What is lacking in your team’s current system? Is the scalability too limited for your growing staff? Does your business require the ability to screenshare with clients or team members that work remotely? Do you wish your current system could record and store the audio and video of your meetings for future distribution?

Questions like these will help narrow your selections so you can find the exact solution that offers the features you need to meet and collaborate.

  1. Collaborate with Your Team

Each staff member on your team learns in different ways. Before you decide on a video conferencing solution, be sure to ask your team what they would like to see in an upgraded system.

What features would help your team members better communicate with staff and clients in and outside the conference room? How many would prefer a more hands-on meeting experience with interactive displays and presentation sharing? Who wants to see a variety of ways to communicate with staff or clients that extend beyond video calls? Do any team members want the option to collaborate on-the-go with an integrated mobile app?

If you learn what your team wants to see in an upgraded video conferencing system you will find the best solution that meets those needs. After all, your team is the heart of your business.

  1. Consider the Future

Any good business owner is always thinking about the future of their company’s success. If you’re considering hiring more staff, expanding your workplace, or allowing more employees to work remotely, it’s important to make sure the video conferencing system you select for your team has the flexibility and scalability to accommodate those changes.

As your office also continues to get smarter with new technology solutions like smart lighting control, smart locks and surveillance, motorized shades and more, consider a system that will integrate seamlessly with these smart technologies for easy automation and added convenience for your team.

  1. Contact a Professional

After you’ve defined your business needs, collaborated with your team, and considered your company’s future, relay the desired features and solutions you’re looking for to an expert in video conferencing systems who can design and install a product that is perfectly customized to you and your staff.

Our team at Texadia Systems is a leader in delivering video conferencing solutions that help improve collaboration in workplaces all over Texas. From cloud and web-based to SIP, streaming, distant learning, and more, we deploy systems that have every feature you’re looking for.

Contact us here or send a live chat below to start taking steps toward finding the perfect video conferencing system for your business.