Texadia Systems Is Your Frisco-Area Crestron Dealer

Collaboration is the key for any modern business, especially now that so many operations and employees have moved offsite. It’s important for staff, both in-person and remote, to stay connected with one another no matter where they are. It’s also important for employees that are still on site to work safely and effectively by minimizing as many touchpoints as possible.

As a Crestron dealer serving Frisco and the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area, we offer our clients innovative solutions to make the business run smoothly while maintaining a touchless environment. With Crestron’s enterprise room management software, collaboration is simpler now than it’s ever been before.

Read on below to learn more about how your Texas business can incorporate Crestron AirMedia to keep all of your employees connected and collaborating into the new year.

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Crestron AirMedia

AirMedia is a secure wireless presentation solution that makes collaboration simple. With a personal iOS or Android device and the correct connection code, your staff can start sharing! It’s an IT manager’s dream because no additional programming is required, and the system works with much of the equipment you already have in your office. This system isn’t confined to conference rooms, either. Huddle spaces, classrooms, and meeting rooms can all incorporate AirMedia for easy, wireless presentation sharing.

Keeping Hands To Yourself

Immediately upon entering the room, an AirMedia system responds to your employees. Occupancy sensors turn the system on when a person walks into the room, which saves on energy costs and reduces touchpoints in the conference room.

There are no switches to flip or buttons to press to get the technology up and running. Employees can use their personal device to connect to the display screen using on-screen instructions and voila – they can begin presenting!

Sharing Work

There’s no need to worry about aspect ratios or presentations displaying incorrectly on the screen. AirMedia automatically adjusts the screen layout based on the source. For larger meetings, a moderator can use a Crestron touchscreen to moderate whose content to share on the room’s display.

If you’d like to deploy the AirMedia application in your Frisco business, look no further than Texadia Systems – your local Crestron dealer. Connect with us using our online form or chat with us using the box at the bottom of your browser. We look forward to hearing from you.