Future-Proof Your Dallas Company with Hands-Free Tech

Working remotely can work some of the time, but many businesses require in-person human interaction. With new hires to the team and working towards future goals, your company may not have the ability to collaborate over Zoom for forever.

Luckily, new commercial automation systems make it easier to go hands-free. Conference room AV solutions by brands like Mersive and Crestron make going back to work easier for Dallas businesses. Read on to see if your Texas office could benefit from touchless AV components.

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Contactless Content Sharing

No cables or dongles are required with Mersive’s collaboration platform, Solstice. Users can share their tablet or laptop screens on the room’s main display in seconds through the Solstice app. The drag-and-drop interface lets multiple team members share content sources simultaneously in real-time. You can markup content using ‘pointer mode’ and use the pinch motion to zoom in on presentations. No one will have to move about the room or reach for wires to connect—the Solstice platform is entirely wireless.

Plus, you can rest assured that your information and data will be secure when shared over Solstice. Content is not stored on the Solstice Pod, and it includes RSA-based encryption algorithms to keep your files safe. You can also use separate network interfaces for your team members and guest users, ensuring added security.

Looking for more options? Crestron’s AirMedia wireless system lets you share content over Windows, Mac, and Chrome devices. When the AirMedia device is on, connection instructions will appear on your team’s screens. You’ll enter a four-digit code and then you’re ready to present. AirMedia integrates with other Crestron touch screens and devices in your smart system to create a convenient and intelligent office experience.

Voice and Motion-Activated Tech

You can still manage your office’s lights, shades, thermostats, and more without lifting a finger. Automate your systems with motion sensors so that as your team walks into the conference room, screens, shades, and lighting will activate.

Smart systems can be controlled through voice assistants, too. So you can tell the room to brighten the lights, turn on the display, and lower the thermostat. You won’t have to repeatedly disinfect every surface if your staff isn’t touching switches and screens. Plus, with a system like Crestron, everyone can use their own mobile devices to control office technology.

Where to Find Touchless AV in Dallas, TX

If your business is preparing to return to work in the Dallas area, you can find the modern solutions you need from Texadia Systems. As a commercial AV consultant, we design and install systems that let your team perform daily operations with minimal contact, granting everyone peace of mind.

Contact us here or chat with a member of our staff below to learn more about contactless AV. We look forward to speaking with you!