Understanding Home Power Management to Protect Your Devices

We don’t usually give much thought to the energy that powers our homes. We flick on the lights, open the refrigerator, and turn on the TV without a thought. But there are several reasons a home energy control system can be vastly beneficial to homeowners. For one, it will make your AV and automation technology last longer, protecting your devices from surges and problems when the power goes out. If you’re planning to ‘go solar,’ you can store solar battery energy to use when power is down or to supplant the grid.

But how? We’ll break down all you need to know about surge protectors, battery backups, and energy control, so your Dallas, TX-area home stays safe and powered with ‘clean energy.’

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‘Clean’ and ‘Dirty’ Power

You may have thought all power is essentially the same, but that isn’t true. ‘Dirty power’ has ‘noise’ in it—surges, sags, and distortions in sine waves. Electrical systems experience lower-quality energy when connecting too many digital loads that add higher frequencies into the system. When the power delivered to a system doesn’t match what’s expected, equipment will malfunction. These problems can originate from a power company’s archaic infrastructure or the inability to supply your neighborhood’s demands. But problems can also arise at your home itself.

What Can Be Done?

You’ll see signs of dirty power in flickering lights, transformer issues like noise or heat, equipment vibrations, and distribution equipment running hot. These issues range from irritating to dangerous and can result in poor network communications and high CO2 emissions. Dirty power hinders the performance of audio-video devices and smart systems, which shortens the lifespan of equipment and may require replacement sooner than expected. Luckily, you can improve energy efficiency with power management devices like surge protectors, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), and power management hubs.

SurgeX Rack Mount & UPS Standalone

At Texadia Systems in Dallas, we trust SurgeX’s rack-mount to protect against surges and power conditioning in rack equipment for home theaters, security systems, and home automation. It eliminates surge energy up to 6,000 volts and improves performance for sensitive AV equipment.

SurgeX’s standalone battery backup, the UPS Standalone, ensures a safe shutdown for all equipment in the event of an outage. All incoming power is converted from AC to DC then back to AC. If the main power is interrupted, batteries will hold the incoming DC supply to the inverter, so the load is supplied with no interruption. It will guarantee your critical equipment stays up and running.

Rosewater HUB Energy & Storage System

Take it a step further with the Rosewater HUB SB20, a system with three energy capabilities in one platform. Its power conditioned output protects the performance of all your electronics, allowing the smart home and lighting control to perform its best. It also includes an uninterruptable power supply with a battery backup to ride out power failures. Thirdly, the surge protection component mitigates the damage caused by anomalies in ‘dirty power.’

If you have solar panels installed at your house, the HUB SB20 can connect to solar power inputs to blend power conditioning, backup, and renewable energy management in one pre-assembled, configured, and integrated platform. The solar batteries will help reduce electricity costs and provide grid support when needed by the local utility. If you lose power, use it to supply your refrigerator, lighting, communications, or entertainment technology.


Want to protect your home’s technology, backup your power, or manage solar energy? Contact Texadia Systems to add energy control to your house for a reliable solution.