From Morning ‘til Night, Here’s What A Day’s Like with Automated Lighting

Remember the Clapper? With a clap of your hands, a room’s lights would turn on and off like a party trick. The Clapper was a revolutionary (albeit somewhat annoying) new way to control lighting. Since then, smart lighting technology has advanced tremendously. But unless you know someone with a lighting control system, you may be unaware of the convenient and helpful features it provides.

To see how smart lighting control can fit seamlessly into your Dallas, TX lifestyle, read on for our day-in-the-life examples.

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Good Morning

Why wake up to an irritating alarm? Imagine starting your day with motorized shades gently rising, letting the sun bask over your sleeping eyes. If you wake up earlier than the sunrise, your home’s lights can turn on automatically to a preset time. Color tunable lights will adjust your bulbs to a bright, blue-white temperature, like the bright morning sky. This will energize your mind and help you feel ready to take on the day.

Out the Door

You’ve showered, dressed, eaten, and now it’s time to rush off to work. Make your morning routine one step easier with smart lighting control. In one tap on your automation system’s app, turn off the entire house’s lights and lower the blinds. Or, set a schedule for all lights to turn off by nine a.m., so nothing is accidentally left on. You’ll be out the door quicker, and you’ll reduce the risk of accidentally wasting electricity.

During the Day

Even if you’re away from home at work, lighting control can still prove a useful security tool. Most break-ins occur during the day, as burglars know that a majority of households are empty between nine and five. Schedule your system to flicker lights off and on randomly or fluctuate motorized shades to make it look like someone is home. Since your house will always look occupied, you won’t be the target of any suspicious activity.

Dinnertime & Relaxation

If you return home after dark, there’s no reason to approach a dark house. Schedule your landscape lights to turn on at sundown automatically, and in the door, tell your voice assistant speaker to turn on the lights. By the evening, your tunable LEDs will take on a warmer hue to inspire relaxation and a good night’s sleep. Set your dining room to dim, atmospheric lighting for a serene dinner and glass of wine after a long day.

Time for Bed

When it’s time for sleep, you can turn off your entire house’s lights in one command—right from bed! If you wake up in the middle of the night, turn on the hallway lights from your phone or by voice command, so you aren’t tripping over your own feet. Plus, the brightness can be set dim enough to not startle your vision, all completely customizable from your smart system’s app.

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