Smart Lighting’s Effect on Energy Conservation

Have you heard that smart lighting control can help homeowners reduce electricity usage, minimizing our carbon footprints? Not only is lighting control an eco-friendly solution, but it can also help your household reduce monthly electric bills. As time goes on, you’ll save energy and money, which is always a bonus.

But how does lighting control work, and how exactly can it diminish energy costs? We’ll share that below, so continue reading to see how your University Park, TX-area home can become more efficient.

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Set Lights to Schedules

After integrating your lighting fixtures into a smart system like Control4, you’ll be able to create schedules and settings for every room and light in your home. If you depart at the same time every weekday morning, you can schedule all your lights to turn off at eight o’clock precisely, so nothing is accidentally left on. Exterior lights can turn on at sundown and automatically shut off when no longer necessary. Estimating energy savings can be tricky, as it will depend on occupant behavior and availability of daylight. By creating schedules, you’ll more accurately predict when electricity will be used.

Save with Dimmers

With your LED lights connected to a smart dimmer, you’ll save 4-9% electricity automatically when your lights’ brightness is lowered. Daylight dimming sensors partner with your lights to automatically compensate for the amount of daylight available. If it’s midday with an overcast sky, your lights will brighten just the right amount. This saves more energy than using lights at full capacity and will look more comfortable, too.

Occupancy Sensors

At Texadia Systems, we often include occupancy sensors in our custom lighting systems. Sync your lights to motion sensors to shave off costs that otherwise accidentally accrue. After a period of inactivity (which you can set from your smartphone or tablet), your lights will turn off automatically. This is useful for spaces like garages, basements, or bathrooms that can accidentally be left on for an hour or more.

Remote Monitoring

Another way to ensure that lights are off when they’re supposed to be is to use remote monitoring on your Control4 app. If you left the house in a hurry, you can turn off lights in a few swipes from your smart device. You can also check on the house while you’re away. If you notice the kids left the lights on, you can easily turn off every light in one press of a button. You’d be surprised by how much the minutes and hours add up and will be pleased to see results when the bills arrive.

If you’d like to lower your home’s energy costs, contact us to get started with smart lighting, or call Texadia Systems at (214) 956-5820.