Stand Out Among the Rest with World-Leading Audiovisual Technology

With a hotel at nearly every corner in Dallas, TX, finding ways to stand out among the competition can pose quite the challenge. Low prices and deals don’t cut it for many visitors looking for a place to stay or host an event. Instead, your hotel must offer something unique—something that visitors can’t find at the hotel next door.

When you upgrade your hotel AV with the latest technologies, you’ll not only lead your competitors in visual appeal and ambiance, but you’ll also be able to offer guests uncompromising solutions for stunning events, smoother meetings and more.

Read on to explore three audiovisual upgrades that will put your hotel on top and keep customers coming back to you.

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Meeting Room AV

Your hotel may be a necessity for out-of-towners, but it should also be a desired location for those looking to host business events and conferences. By offering sophisticated meeting rooms with elite audiovisual technology and integrated control, you’ll quickly become business groups’ and event organizers’ top pick.

Create an effortless environment for groups both big and small to host conferences, meetings and more with centralized control of lights, window treatments, and audiovisual technology. With one tap from an in-wall keypad, the TVs will power on, lights will brighten, shades will lower, and speakers will fire to prepare any group for an efficient training session, event and more.

LED Tunable Lighting

First impressions mean everything when potential customers are deciding where to lodge or host an event. Whether they’re browsing through your online photos or exploring your hotel in person, wow your potential customers with a beautiful atmosphere powered by LED tunable lighting.

LED white and colored tunable lighting enables you to transform your spaces for any occasion or ambiance at the touch of a button. Centrally program the lights in your lobby and common areas to mimic the sun for bright and inviting lighting during the afternoons and warm, calm lighting during the early mornings and evenings.

LED fixtures are also perfect for creating layers of light to accent beautiful architecture or artwork around your hotel. For some added fun, use colored LED lighting control throughout your spaces to expand your brand, commemorate major holidays, celebrate wedding events and more.

Distributed Audio

Customize the entertainment in every space of your hotel—from the lobby to the pool—with centralized control of your hotel’s multi-room audio system. Gain instant access to your media collection from one location and stream the same tunes across all your hotel zones. For a more tailored experience, simply select a different playlist for each space instead.

Ditch the stereotypical elevator music by streaming today’s top hits while your guests maneuver up and down your hotel floors. In just a tap, extend the same music to the bar, outdoor patio, or change the playlist altogether for a different genre. No matter the audio, it’s easy to stream it across every space in your hotel that has connected speakers.

While these AV technologies serve as a great start toward boosting your demand, the innovations don’t stop there. Contact our team of audiovisual experts today to learn why the Dallas hospitality industry chooses Texadia Systems to deliver the most reliable hotel AV solutions.