Discover Sony’s New BRAVIA Commercial Displays  

From hotels to universities to corporations, every kind of business can benefit from commercial displays. Business owners can select the information or video feed they want to show visitors, whether that’s goings-on around campus or an office directoryHigh-resolution screens are an attractive way to interact with those who visit your business and share useful information.  

But many people ask us: what’s the difference between a commercial display and a regular TV? If you look at Sony’s new BRAVIA 4K professional interactive displays, you’ll see many unique features that standard TVs don’t have.  

Read on to discover how Sony’s interactive displays could assist your Plano, TX business. And to find the right solution for your company, contact Texadia Systems for all your commercial AV needs.  

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Professional Displays vs. Consumer TVs  

If you’re planning to put screens in your conference rooms, lobby, or other commercial spaces, you might be wondering: can’t I just use a TV? Technically, yes, a consumergrade screen could work to display information. But it won’t do the job as well as a professional interactive display.  

A commercial screen like Sony’s BRAVIA Professional Display uses the same ultra-highdefinition 4K technology as its BRAVIA TV series. But the interactive displays are much more versatile, letting users incorporate graphics, link to live websites, and share video conferencesBRAVIA screens include USB and import/export settingsmaking it easier to alter what’s on screen.  

Sony’s BRAVIA 4K Interactive Displays  

The BRAVIA commercial displays are not only in 4K definition but also offer touchscreen compatibility. They’re available in both a 100-inch and 32-inch model and can be installed in several ways. Mount it to the wall in portrait or landscape formation or a tilted position on the ceiling. Pro Mode offers customized settings, like IP control and mirroring functionality, so you can more easily adjust what’s on screen.  

What Businesses Benefit from Interactive Displays?  

We’d say any business can enhance the visitor or staff experience with innovative, interactive screens like Sony’s BRAVIA SeriesA yoga studio or gym may display class times and information on screens. A café might use them for a menu. Offices can utilize interactive displays in the boardroom, tapping the touchscreen during presentations, or signing into a video call. Museums and theaters may display images and ticket prices, and retail stores can create ambience with compelling videos.  

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