As the Holidays Approach, Discover the Smart Way to Be Merry & Bright

If you’re planning to host a Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s celebration, you may feel pressure to provide your friends and family the best experience. When loved ones look back on life, will they always remember the fun Thanksgiving at your house?

A great get-together depends lots on the atmosphere. Music and decorations can contribute to a relaxing ambiance, but did you know you can use smart lighting control to enhance festivities too? Continue reading to see how to light up your home in Highland Park, TX for the holidays.

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Set the Mood

When everyone sits down to feast, you’ll want guests to feel their best. With tunable LED lights incorporated into a smart system, you can set your lights to the perfect color temperature and brightness. Just like ‘mood lighting’ in a cozy restaurant, you can set your overhead and mid-level lights to warm, amber hues. This will inspire conversations and photos, creating an atmosphere where everyone feels and looks their best.

Using a smart system like Control4, you can set custom scenes and provide a name like ‘Dinner Party.’ Simply press the button on your device or tell your voice-assistant to set the room for dinner, and lights will instantly adjust. When the party is over, the same lights can return to a brighter appearance better suited to your daily activities.

Fun with Color Tuning

Full-color tuning is a relatively new feature that can not only transform white color temperature but can also display any color of the rainbow. Rather than dash around the house replacing bulbs, you can set your home in green and red lights for Christmas, or fun fall colors for Thanksgiving. Full-color tuning allows you to set hues through an intuitive slider on your phone’s app. Color tuning is a complex system to arrange, as it requires multiple control interfaces. But we at Texadia Systems are fully capable of creating a system for you that brings more fun to your gatherings.

A Safe Entrance & Exit

Once guests start to trickle out the door (with leftovers in hand), your landscape lighting can instantly turn on with motion sensors. Or from your device, turn on every exterior light with a timer to turn off later, so you won’t have to remember during clean-up. Path lights will lead guests to the correct door when they arrive and will help them see on their way out. Once the party is over, you can return the entire house’s lights to normal in one command, and then turn everything off instantly.

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