Learn How These Motorized Solutions Can Change Your Home

Winter in Texas may not be as cold and blustery as in other states, but those of us in the Dallas area are always looking for ways to stay warm this time of year. Luckily, home solutions are available that can help you not only stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer but can help you save on your energy costs, too.

Lutron shades offer a stylish, comfortable, and energy-efficient element to your home. Keep reading below to learn how these motorized window treatments can work in conjunction with your other smart technologies to make your lifestyle more luxurious and save you money.

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Energy Savings

Making your home work for you in an intelligent way is one of the top benefits of having a smart home in North Texas. Incorporating Lutron shades is an investment that pays off because this solution can save you money over time.

Use a “Winter Warm” smart routine this winter to take advantage of the warming sun by raising your shades to let natural warmth enter your home. Pair Lutron shades with temperature sensors that communicate with your HVAC system. This further increases your cost savings because you’re not wasting electricity or gas to unnecessarily power your home.

Chilly mornings often make way for very warm afternoons in Texas, so when the room becomes too warm, the sensors will signal your smart shades to lower to block out the too-warm sun, and your HVAC will adjust as well. Later in the year, use a “Summer Cool” scene to lower the shades and reduce heat gain in your living spaces automatically or with the tap of your finger on a smart device.

Convenience & Luxury

Besides being an efficient home addition, Lutron shades offer incredible style and convenience to your Texas home. Instead of spending precious minutes walking throughout your expansive home to open and close blinds, you can enjoy the ease of simply pressing a button. Your entire family will awaken with natural sunlight in the mornings and have privacy in the evenings with just a tap of your finger or voice command. With a wide variety of color and fabric options, you are bound to find an option that brilliantly complements your décor.

Besides Lutron shades, Texadia Systems specializes in smart lighting, networking, and connected home solutions made to improve your lifestyle. Connect with us using our online form or chat with us at the bottom of your browser screen. We look forward to helping you make life easier this winter and year-round.