Smart Home Control Is Done Right with Just One App

If you use multi-room audio, a home surveillance camera, and a smart lighting system in your home, there’s no reason to manage each piece separately. Technology is supposed to make life easier—not more complicated. Although the advances in technology would seemingly save us time, most of us still feel as busy as ever.

But with a Control4 smart home control system, you can merge all of your technology under one umbrella, even devices made by different manufacturers. From the Control4 app, you can manage lighting, audio, video, security, thermostats, motorized shades, and more. To see how the app will work for your Highland Park, TX home, continue reading below.

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The Control4 App’s Possibilities              

If you use an iPhone, Android, iPad, or Apple Watch, you can download the Control4 app and get started in minutes. An integrator like Texadia Systems can connect your home’s devices to the system so that you can access every area of your home right from the app. You’ll see icons that easily display the status of each room and system. For instance, if lights are on in the living room, you’ll be able to quickly see that with the lightbulb icon. Custom settings and scenes can be accessed from the app, so if you’re setting your house to ‘Away,’ all you need is one tap to turn off lights, thermostats, speakers, and lock doors. Your whole home audio can be managed from the app, so you can choose which speakers to turn on, the volume level, and what media to enjoy. A professional can help you connect speakers to a controller or Wi-Fi Speaker Point so you can enjoy music from your existing or preferred high-end audio system.

Customize & Connect Further with 4Sight

With the 4Sight subscription added to your Control4 system, you’ll be able to control even more of your home from virtually anywhere in the world, as long as you have 3G/4G or internet connection. You can check in on your security cameras 24/7, or make sure the garage door is locked. You’ll also receive alerts and notification about your system, such as “Water leak detected” or “Front door open.” There are features that let you create an automatic schedule that turns on outdoor lights at sunset, plays a jazz playlist when ‘Dinner’ setting is activated, and more fine-tuned controls. 4Sight uses the same safety encryption used by financial institutions, so you don’t need to worry about hackers stealing your information.

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