An Alternative Approach to Your Office’s AV   

In the past few years, subscription services have taken the consumer industry by storm. Now, we’re seeing a similar model applied to commercial AV integration—AV as a Service 

AVaaS lets businesses lease technology equipment for a monthly fee that includes maintenance, support, and upgrades. AVaaS can range from video conferencing systems, display equipment, lighting, automation, and more.  

Would your Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, business be better suited to AVaaS rather than investing in new technology every few years? Discover how it works below and learn more in our monthly newsletter 

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How Does AVaaS Work?  

Many IT managers are probably familiar with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which lets companies subscribe to software solutions rather than buy multiple expensive licenses. AVaaS works similarly. Rather than invest upfront in AV hardware, you’ll lease the equipment you need as a subscription from an AV integrator like Texadia Systems.  

What kind of equipment can be leased as AVaaS? We design and install systems that include conferencing displays, microphones, speakers, cloud storage services, control systems, automation, interactive whiteboards, smart lighting, security, and more.  

Your AVaaS subscription will include installations, maintenance, support, and ongoing training for your team to use the systems properly. If anything goes wrong, we’ll be there for you over the phone or in-person. If you had bought your huddle room technology or multi-room AV without a plan, for instance, you’d have to invest in support on top of the equipment. AVaaS includes it all. And when you’re looking for an upgrade? We’ll swap your existing equipment for the latest models.  

Benefits of AVaaS  

When your business switches to AVaaS, you’ll… 

  • Access the latest business technologies without an additional investment 
  • Upgrade and swap equipment anytime, eliminating a closet full of outdated tech  
  • Obtain the technology your company neednow  
  • Scale much more easily, duplicating solutions across multiple rooms or buildings  
  • Avoid investment peaks with staggered, even payments  
  • Cover every area of your business with a customized AVaaS plan  
  • Refresh the life cycle of your technology so you’ll never use obsolete solutions  
  • Enjoy included assistance and maintenance solutions  
  • Inspire innovation with new smart solutions to conduct business  

Want to Learn More About Commercial Technology?  

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