Should Your Texas Company Switch Too? Learn How AV as a Service Works  

What is AV as a ServiceAlso known as AVaaS, it’s a subscription plan that provides your business all the technology your staff needs, from conferencing hardware to digital signageAVaaS plans include installations, maintenance, and technical support with ongoing training. Plus, if you ever want to swap equipment for new technology, we’ll trade it in so you’re never outdated.  

The traditional approach to commercial technology is to purchase everything upfront. But with AVaaS, you pay a monthly fee for a package that covers your needs. If you ever find you don’t need the equipment anymore, we’ll come and take it away.  

You might be wondering, why wouldn’t I want to own all of my business’ technology? We’ll share below why companies worldwide are switching to the AVaaS model. You may just find your Plano, TX enterprise could benefit, too. 

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1. AVaaS Streamlines Operations  

Imagine you want to upgrade your business’ screens and tablets and sync them to the same unified communication system. You no longer have to research to find the best devices, place orders, and find a way to dispose of or sell old technology. Your AVaaS provider handles it all, providing the equipment you need now.  

With AVaaS, businesses move away from managing individual costs and instead consolidate them into one single subscription. Your provider will be responsible for handling all technology lifecycles and will maintain your systems so everything runs smoothly. 

2. It Offers Scalability and Flexibility  

If, for instance, you want the same classroom technology installed in multiple rooms across many buildings, AVaaS makes it easier to duplicate and deploy systems. Then in a few years, if the entire campus or office needs an upgrade, that’s included in your AVaaS service. We build flexible plans for businesses with everything from cloud storage services to interactive whiteboards and high-end audio.  

3. You Get the Best AV & IT Service  

When you continue to partner with the same technology firm, you’ll build a relationship that leads to superior service. With the same AV team, they’ll be familiar with the inner workings of your company, making troubleshooting much faster. At Texadia Systems, we’re dedicated and engaged with the AVaaS customers we serve and know their business needs.   

If your Texas business is ready for AV as a Service, contact Texadia Systems today to learn more and get started. Or chat with a member of our team in the message box below. We look forward to working with you!