Enhance Communication & Collaboration in the Office and from Home  

The modern workplace is always evolving, and that means your communication should, too. If you have employees working remotely while others commute to a physical office, you need a streamlined way for everyone to communicate productively. ‘Hotdesking’ in an open floorplan, another recent trend, also requires new ways to communicate without dedicated phones and desks 

With messaging, emails, phone calls, and video conferencing on everyone’s plate, it can be overwhelming to deploy the right hardware and programs for every person. And too many communication systems will be confusing for your team, especially new hires and contractors. If you’re looking for a simpler way to handle internal and external communication, a single, smart system can consolidate all your platforms into one.  

Keep reading to discover how unified communication solutions work and will enhance the way your Plano, TX, company does business.  

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What Are Unified Communication Solutions 

A unified communication (UC) system integrates all your communication technologies into one program across your computers, tablets, and touchscreens. A system like Crestron Flex merges with Microsoft Teams, making it possible to schedule meetings, share files, start calls, and message colleagues from one device.  

Unified communication solutions may include:  

  • Voice  
  • Desktop sharing  
  • Voicemail 
  • Chat  
  • Fax 
  • Teleconferencing and video conferencing  
  • Email  
  • Customer support software  
  • File sharing  
  • And more! 

How It Works  

Imagine it’s the start of the workday. Anyone on your team can open their laptop or tablet, click their calendar, start a call, and send a file through the same program. Users won’t have to switch between applications and platforms with different passwordsand they won’t waste time searching many pages for informationCrestron’s communication solutions, like tabletop conferencing devices, let you tap into your Microsoft calendar, click a Zoom meeting linkand join on the big screen in seconds.   

Voice over IP phone service, a common UC feature, means work phone lines can now go anywhere as long as there’s internet. Remote workers won’t have to use their personal cell phones and can easily place and receive calls through VoIP. This is not only more flexible but is also faster to deploy for new staff and saves on installation costs.  

UC for Internal Collaboration   

Unified communication gives remote and mobile workers the same access to the phone system as in-office workers. Your team will also have better access to their co-workers and can see a live status to know if they’re available for a call or meeting. With more communication than ever, everyone will stay in the loop on project updates. Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams via Crestron Flex let you track projects more efficiently, so fewer things slip through the cracks.  

Not only will your company communicate more often, but your communication will also be more secure with a professional UC systemWe’re committed to network security, and systems like Crestron’s are trusted by hundreds of government agencies, universities, and more for secure internal communication that can’t be breached by hackers.  

UC for External Communication  

UC system is convenient for communicating with clients, customers, shareholders, and suppliers. External messages and calls can all be received through the same program where missed messages are easier to see, organize, and keep track of. Scheduling and joining remote client meetings are more streamlined, whether you’re hopping into a huddle room, conference room, or your home office.  

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