Your Guide to Structured Cabling (and Why It Matters)  

What’s inside your office closet? If you have a stack of routers, switches, servers, and control systems with an endless tangle of wires, it may be time to invest in structured cabling 

Structured cabling is an organized network of telecommunication cables with a clean, simple infrastructure. A professionally installed cabling system offers many benefits, including reliable technology performance.  

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1. Higher Reliability  

Unlike common point-to-point cabling systems, structured cabling avoids a confusing tangle of wires, eliminating wiring bottlenecks. Any issues will be easier to troubleshoot, and you’ll reduce the potential for downtime and latency issues.  

And with the latest cabling technology, you’ll enjoy higher networking speeds and greater bandwidth. If you’re connecting to multiple locations, reliable cabling will save you exponential time and money.  

 2. Less Noise  

Most cables are susceptible to noise from nearby electronic equipment. So, when we build structured cabling systems, we use CAT6 and CAT6A cables, which provide more noise reduction than other cables. Fiber optic cables are even better. With upgraded cables, you’ll eliminate static and faulty connections, which slow down your network.   

 3. Easily Upgradable  

In a structured system, it’s much easier to move, add, or change technology through what we call the “main distribution area” (MDA). The MDA is a key aspect of structured cabling since changes can be made with short patch cords, rather than running long cables from equipment racks.  

 4. Faster Data Transmission 

When you’re on the phone with a client or customer waiting for the computer screen to load, every second feels like a lifetime. You need data to move as fast as possible. CAT6A cables support up to 10 gigabits per second, providing the speed you need.   

5. Cleaner Wiring  

Never underestimate the power of looks and aesthetics. A structured cabling system will look much cleaner than point-to-point cabling. Whenever anyone approaches the equipment racks, they won’t be overwhelmed or stressed by the mess.  

You can improve your company’s communication speed and reliability with structured cabling by Texadia Systems. To learn more or receive a free quote from our team, contact us here to discuss your business’s needs.