Build an Effective UC Strategy to Bring Your Business Together

If you manage a company that spans multiple departments, floors, buildings, and even cities, you need a simple way to keep everyone connected. And if there’s remote staff working alongside in-person teams, work flows smoother when communication is consolidated into one place.

That’s what unified communications do best! A unified communications (UC) system provides seamless connections between internal and external channels. How?

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What Is Unified Communications? 

UC is a collection of technology solutions that help a business communicate, both internally and externally. This can include instant messaging, voice over IP (VoIP), video conferencing, email, file sharing, room scheduling, digital signage, and more. From one platform, your staff will access and find all programs they need.

Building the UC Infrastructure 

Before implementing a UC system, we need to determine if it can integrate with your existing hardware (like phones and computers) and legacy software you’re already using. Can your business’s current network handle increased traffic? Will you need to increase the bandwidth to support a cloud-based system? We’ll make all the arrangements to upgrade and update your network and hardware for a stronger performance.

Connect Remote & In-Person Staff 

Today, more employees than ever expect a flexible work environment with the opportunity to work from home. If your business embraces a hybrid or remote work model, do you have an easy way to contact staff, check who’s online, and make everyone feel present?

Oftentimes, workers can be confused about how or when to speak with remote staff. But with a UC system, all your communication happens in one place, so a remote team member will receive messages, calls, reminders, and files as soon as they need them. When everyone’s working on the same UC framework, it encourages connection and camaraderie that may otherwise be lacking. And from the same system, remote team members can join virtual calls with HD video and clear audio.

Improve Collaboration & Productivity 

Imagine two people in different locations are working on a project together. One person can message the other with a question. They can then switch to a video call while one person shares their screen to edit documents in real-time. From there, they can share the file and finish the job, all from the same system.

Virtual collaboration is an essential component of the modern workplace, and a UC network helps your business thrive at it all.

UC as a Service 

Installing and upgrading a unified communications system can be a hassle. Luckily, UC as a service (UCaaS) is always an option. As UCaaS providers, we’ll design and install the system for you in an affordable and convenient package. As a result, you’ll avoid the initial expenses of setting up a system and can swap out technology anytime you’d like.

By using a cloud-based service, you can find and upgrade solutions that fit your needs and budget, no matter the size of your company.

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