Make Your Meetings More Efficient, Engaging & Quicker to Start 

Until you’ve used Crestron conferencing technology, you’ve never seen how sophisticated and streamlined presentations can be. A Crestron system unifies all of your devices under one network, making it seamless to switch who’s presenting, bring remote staff into a call, and even adjust the way the lighting looks.   

Crestron isn’t something that can be picked up from the store or ordered online. It requires an experienced, certified Crestron dealer to program and install solutions that cater to your business’s needs. 

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What Is Crestron?  

Since 1972, Crestron has been designing and manufacturing software and hardware that define ‘smart technology’ as we know it today. Its automation technology is used everywhere, from sports stadiums to universities around the world. Their products include conferencing systems, smart lighting controls, unified communications, and multi-room audio, to name a few.  

Set the Scene for Meetings  

Crestron control systems intelligently unify your business’s devices and systems. In a conference room, you can connect lights, speakers, screens, shades, and conferencing hardware into one network. On your wall-mounted or tabletop touch screen, tap “Meeting,” and instantly, your shades will lower, lights will adjust their brightness and color temperature, and the presentation display will power on. Crestron’s control platforms are scalable so that the same programming can be applied to multiple meeting rooms in your company.  

Wireless Presentations  

Do away with unsightly cables and dongles with Crestron AirMedia. The contactless content-sharing platform lets your team swiftly share PowerPoints or documents on the main display without physically connecting with wires. One person can share their content, and once they’re done speaking, someone else can share their portion of the presentation.  

Crestron’s AirMedia offers a drag-and-drop interface that makes starting presentations faster than ever. No longer will your team fiddle around, trying to figure out how to get sound and video to show up on the main display. And it doesn’t matter what make or model laptop everyone is using; inputs and outputs are irrelevant with AirMedia. No additional programming is required, and AirMedia works with the equipment already installed in your conference room.  

If you’re interested in Crestron conferencing solutions, Texadia Systems is here to help. We’re a certified Crestron dealer that installs automation solutions in healthcare, hospitality, and corporate environments. Contact our staff here or chat with us below to discuss your company’s needs. We look forward to assisting you!