Upgrade Your Teleconferences with a More Personal & Engaging Solution  

For decades, business teams have joined calls over conference phones, dialing in to meet with clients or other office locations. But is it time for your company to upgrade to a video conferencing system 

With an HD display, camera, microphone, and software system that connects it all, you’ll be able to see your call participants, and they’ll see your entire team. We install and program video conferencing systems across the Dallas/Fort Worth TX area, and have seen how the technology benefits our commercial clients. When you upgrade, you can expect the following results.  

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More Engaging Meetings  

During regular audio calls, people may accidentally zone out or lose interest. That’s no way to inspire ideas and productivity! In video calls, the opportunity for virtual eye contact lets participants get to know each other and communicate better. Additionally, conferencing software like Zoom or StarLeaf lets teams display presentations and information during the meeting, keeping all parties engaged in the discussion.  

Improve Communication  

It can be awkward or uncomfortable talking to someone you’ve never met and can’t see. Luckily, video conferencing is much more intimate and friendly than a phone call. Over video, you’ll more likely feel connected to the department on the East Coast, for instance, or clients on the West Coast. Stronger bonds lead to business relations—always a plus for your company.  

Save on Travel Money  

Some companies send their staff off on planes, or long car rides every month or week. If this sounds like your Texas business, cut back on travel expenses with a high-quality conferencing system. In minutes, you’ll connect with colleagues around the globe.  

Share Visuals More Easily  

Do you want to go over a campaign with clients? Conduct a training with remote staff? Video conferencing systems let you quickly and seamlessly share your computer screen with up to hundreds of participants. Start the call over face-to-face video, then share your display to go through a PowerPoint or spreadsheet together.  

If you’re interested in a video conferencing system for your business, let Texadia Systems be your guide. We can help you find the best software and hardware, then program and install a system that works for your individual needs. Chat with a member of our team below or contact Texadia Systems here. We look forward to hearing from you.