Take Total Control of Your Texas Home’s Lighting

When it comes to new builds, renovations, or interior design projects, we often mistakenly overlook our home’s lighting. But lighting can influence your house’s atmosphere just as much as furniture or a new carpet. Most builders install light switches and lights haphazardly in homes. A certified lighting designer knows how to create an LED lighting design that can be controlled by a smart system, so your home looks its best, is more convenient to manage, saves energy, and is safer, too.

How? We share how an LED lighting design can enhance any home so you can find inspiration for your University Park, TX-area house. Discover the possibilities below!

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Kitchen Lighting

People love to gather in the kitchen, and your lights need to be versatile for different moods and activities. With lights at multiple levels—overhead ambient lights, accent lights, and task lights—you’ll be able to customize just how bright the space should be. A lighting designer can install smart lighting switches that will connect to your system’s app, too, so that you can activate scenes like “Dinner Time,” “Cleaning,” or “Cooking.” The brightness and color temperature will automatically adjust so you’ll always feel comfortable. We can also enhance the room with LED lights under cabinets and eaves, highlighting the décor of your kitchen.

Dining Room Lighting

Like a restaurant, you want your dining room to be an inviting atmosphere to enjoy good food and company. A lighting design can help create a cozy ambiance that’s easy to control from your tablet, phone, or wall control panel. During dinner, you may want pendant lights to emit a warm glow, but if you’re helping your child with homework at the dinner table, you’ll need the lights to be bright and cool-toned to focus. Smart sensors can also detect when the room is occupied or not and will shut off lights when it has been vacant, saving energy.

Landscape Lighting

Don’t forget the exterior of your home! A smart LED system will let you customize the color of your landscape light bulbs—cool white, warm white, and even blue or green! A designer knows how to build a landscape lighting system that accentuates architecture and is also functional for walkways, driveways, and entrances.

You can also use landscape lighting to protect your house while away. If you’ll be on vacation or out of town for the weekend, you won’t want to leave your house dark and visibly unoccupied, vulnerable to thieves and criminals. Smart LEDs can be scheduled from your control system to turn on and off automatically at night, so it will always look as though someone is home.

Whole House Lighting

In all, LED lights are more customizable than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs and will allow you to influence the way your home feels at any moment. Plus, LED lights use substantially less energy and have a much longer lifespan. You can rest assured that your home’s new lighting system helps the planet and keeps your home looking stunning, too. The key to healthier and happier lifestyles is in improving our homes’ lighting. With help from a lighting professional, your house will shine like never before.

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