Conference Room AV for the Modern Workspace  

People like to complain about meetings—that they’re boring, too long, and accomplish little. But meetings and conferences should be where your team sets goals, raises questions, and comes together to share their strengths toward a common objective 

Every business owner likes to imagine that their company’s conference room will inspire hours of productivity with the walls and table covered in new ideas. But more often than not, teams aren’t focused, and the technology won’t cooperate.  

In today’s business landscape, you need conferencing technology that’s up to speed with both in-person and remote work. The best conference rooms use technology not only as a tool but to create the ideal work environment.  

As a commercial AV integrator based in the McKinney, TX, area, we help Texas businesses create collaborative and inspiring office spaces. Below, we’ll share how the right conference room AV and automation can help you make the most of your meetings. You can also learn more in our blog and monthly newsletter 

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Upgrade Your Visuals  

A projector and screen are often the focal points of a conference room. But how does yours look during the day? In the sunlight, is it washed out and hard to focus on? You could lower the motorized shades, but if you’d like to keep the room bright, that may create a visual dilemma.   

Luckily, we have solutions. Laser projectors are brighter than lamp-based versions, and an ambient-light rejection (ALR) screen will deflect ambient light off the screen. That way, your display will still be bright enough to see in sunlight. When your presentation or virtual meeting is over, tap your tablet or phone, and the projector can rise into the ceiling.  

Conferencing & Communication  

If you’re using the conference room to call colleagues or clients remotely, you need a speedy way to pull up displays, connect to calls, and communicate clearly. Our conference room systems include all the hardware and software you need to conduct video calls.  

Ceiling microphones ensure the entire table is heard, and a unified communication system makes it easier to connect with others, join calls, and share displays. When your technology runs smoothly, you’ll receive everyone’s full attention.  

Sound Masking for Privacy  

For the best conversations, you need your team to open up. But it’s hard to speak freely when it feels like the entire office floor can hear your meeting. If your building’s walls are thin (or made of glass), your conferences might disturb other workers or vice versa. Sound masking audio over multi-room speakers can solve this. Ambient noise drowns out human speech over fifteen feet away, making your conference room more private.  

Improve the Room’s Atmosphere  

To inspire the best work, you need your conference room to feel comfortable and inviting—not boring or sterile. Too many meeting rooms use bright fluorescent lights with no shading options. By incorporating smart lights and motorized shadesthe room’s ambiance can be adjusted with just one tap of a button.  

Smart lighting lets you customize the brightness and color temperature for a warm, inviting atmosphere. Press a wall keypad or tablet to close your drapes during a presentation. And with interactive displays, you’ll easily change the video or images on screen to share important information with eye-catching visuals.   

Are you ready to upgrade your business’ conference room AV? If you’re located in the McKinney, Texas area, contact Texadia Systems today. As a commercial AV integrator, we’ll design and install a new office system that suits your everyday needs. We look forward to assisting you!