Learn Why Josh.ai Is A Superior Voice Command Assistant

Home automation makes Fort Worth living much more luxurious. With just a tap of a finger, smart devices throughout the home awaken to meet your needs; motorized shades lower to block out glare on the TV, and lights dim to set the mood for a romantic dinner. The ease of controlling your Texas home goes beyond a homeowner’s fingertips, though, because voice control is here.

The smart speakers found at big-box retailers have inundated the market, making Alexa, Siri, and Google household names. While helpful, the companies are known for sharing your information with third parties and using it for marketing purposes. This leaves most homeowners uncomfortable but feeling stuck – they want the ease of voice control in their homes, and they see the loss of privacy as a requirement. That’s not the case anymore with Josh.ai!

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How Is Josh.ai Different?

Josh.ai is a high-end, AI-enabled voice assistant focused solely on home automation. Natural language processing enables you to more intelligently control nearly 100 smart devices and services on your property, from whole-home audio to your motorized shades.

Visually, the hands-free device is small but mighty. Mass market smart speakers have become focal pieces of homes, but Josh.ai Micro and Nano units blend into your home with a Carrera White or Onyx Black exterior. The unit is wall-mountable if you’d prefer not to dedicate valuable space to it on a table or counter.

The device has spatial awareness sensors that intuitively respond to your requests no matter where you are. If you’re in the media room and ask Josh to turn up the volume, it will know that you need the volume of the media room TV raised and not the living room or bedroom TV volume.

The Experience

Imagine walking into the family room and lowering the needle on your McIntosh MTI100 turntable. In response, your favorite Fleetwood Mac song starts flowing from discreet Sonance invisible speakers, and the dance party begins! Say, “OK Josh, turn the music up!” to raise the volume. You can also combine multiple voice commands into one sentence: “OK Josh, lower the blinds, dim the lights, and turn off the music,” once your dance party is complete. Home automation is easier than ever with Josh.

Respecting Your Data

The Josh.ai platform reinvents traditional voice-controlled home automation by protecting your privacy. Typical voice control assistants use your data as currency with advertisers. If you ask Alexa about the weather on a rainy day, and you’ll suddenly see advertisements for raincoats and galoshes on your social media timeline, Google searches, and in the online articles you read. Data is a big moneymaker for these businesses, but Josh.ai is different.

Josh CEO Alex Capecelatro says, “privacy is a basic human right.” With Josh.ai, your data is yours to share, or not share, as you’d like. Unless you opt-in to data sharing, data is not harvested for marketing purposes. And if you decide to share your data, it will be anonymized, used solely to make the platform’s artificial intelligence smarter, and will not be sold to third parties.

A history of your voice commands can be saved locally for a designated time in order to improve the AI learning, or you can disable AI learning entirely if you’d like for an additional layer of privacy protection. If you work from home and want to keep company information confidential while also adding the convenience of voice control to your Fort Worth-area home, then the Josh voice assistant is your answer!

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