Bring Music, Podcasts, & More to Every Corner of Your Home

If you’re a music enthusiast, whole-home audio is the ultimate way to enjoy high-fidelity sound. With playlists and albums flowing through every room of your house, you’ll live with subtle background music from morning till night. And if you need a break from music? Listen along to the morning news as you make breakfast or listen to an audiobook while tidying up after work.

Whole-home audio isn’t limited to just the house, either. You can extend your speaker system outdoors, too, with durable weatherproof speakers.

If you’re wondering how whole-home audio works and what the benefits may be, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to discover how multi-room speakers will enhance your Highland Park, TX home. And if you’d like to learn more about audio-video solutions, subscribe to our monthly newsletter here.

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Multi-Room Audio: How to Get Started 

To play audio across multiple rooms, you’ll either use a multi-source receiver or a control system (like Control4 or Savant) that sends signals to amplifiers. From there, you can switch between audio sources, from Spotify to vinyl records.

Another option is to install network cabling throughout your home to distribute AV signals in multiple zones. If you’re building or renovating your home, it’s an excellent opportunity to include whole-home audio—and hidden in-wall speakers!

The Perfect Volume in Every Room 

Life feels more magical when music’s on. Whether you’re baking or laughing over a glass of wine, you can set the scene to any mood with high-quality speakers in every room.

Unlike headphones and Air Pods, multi-room audio keeps you within earshot of the music while still open to conversations. When you play music while cooking dinner or hosting friends, you’ve probably noticed how much it boosts the mood. Whole-home audio leads you to enjoy music more often, bringing your family together to create lasting memories.

Plus, if you’re hosting a party, whole-home audio ensures all your guests can hear the party playlist without blasting a single speaker at full volume. It won’t be too loud or too quiet, and the entire house will be a part of the festivities. Friends can queue songs from your wall-mounted touchscreens, letting everyone play DJ.

15 Ways You’ll Use Whole-Home Audio 

If you’re trying to imagine using a multi-room sound system, we guarantee it will become an integral part of your lifestyle. After all, you aren’t limited to streaming music. You can use whole-home audio for:

  1. Hosting parties
  2. Exercise videos
  3. Workout playlists
  4. Barbecues
  5. Campfires
  6. Pool time
  7. Guided meditations
  8. Yoga
  9. Relaxing nature sounds
  10. Listening to the news
  11. Podcasts
  12. Audiobooks
  13. TV audio—sports games and movies
  14. Vinyl records
  15. Radio

And more!

Each audio zone doesn’t have to listen to the same media, either. You can enjoy reggae out on the patio, while your spouse listens to a mystery podcast in the kitchen, and the kids enjoy Taylor Swift upstairs. And it’s all accessible from one easy-to-use system on your phones, tablets, or smart remotes.

Is whole-home audio the missing ingredient for your Texas home? Contact Texadia Systems to discuss your home’s audio needs. We look forward to assisting you!