, the Voice Assistant Built for Home Automation  

Voice control is fun and handy—until your voice assistant responds, “Sorry, I didn’t get that.” You repeat yourself louder, and it still doesn’t understand. You may then think, Ugh, I’ll just go turn off the lights myself.  

And then there’s the privacy issue. One minute, you’re talking to your spouse about how you need new sunglasses, and the next minute, ads for sunglasses start popping up while you browse the internet. Creepy!  

If only there were a voice assistant that clearly understood you and didn’t spy on your conversations…Well, actually, there is! is a relative newcomer in the voice control world, but it’s making a great name for itself. Josh was created specifically for home automation and can seamlessly respond to your natural speech patterns, performing tasks like turning on lights, closing shades, playing music, queueing up a TV show, and locking doors.  

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Speak Naturally  

When you’re using, you don’t have to shout and overly annunciate your words. In your natural voice, say, “Josh, set the thermostat to 70 degrees and dim the lights,” then follow up with, “Play The Beatles,” and Josh will understand.’s Natural Language Processing technology can comprehend several terms to mean the same thing and learns to recognize your vocal patterns, reducing miscommunication and confusion.   

Josh’s microphone devices, the Micro and Nano, ensure your voice assistant is always within earshot. The small circular-shaped gadgets can be discreetly mounted on your walls or placed on a tabletop or shelf. The Josh Micro is about the size of a hockey puck and includes sensors and a touch-sensitive surface for custom controls. For instance, double-tapping the living room Micro can set the lights and shades to the perfect mood.  

The Josh Nano microphone is even tinier, only slightly larger than a quarter. It’s small but mighty, as it can hear your commands from across the room. The Nano is available in both black and white to blend into your walls and responds over your home speaker system. Position Micros and Nanos across your house, and hands-free control is always available.   

Big Brother Isn’t Watching  

Some people are still reluctant to embrace voice control, as they worry about their smart speakers listening to their conversations and selling their data to the internet. Unlike Alexa or Google Assistant, never uses client information and only collects data for AI learning if you permit it. AI learning helps Josh respond better to your commands, but you’re free to turn it off anytime. And when you slide the privacy switch down on the Micro or Nano, the microphones are physically disconnected, offering complete peace of mind.  

With superior language understanding and privacy standards, why use any other voice assistant in your smart home? If you’re in the Highland Park, TX area, Texadia Systems is your local dealer and smart home integrator. Contact us here or visit our showroom to get started on your voice control experience.