Make Business Operations Simpler & Safer with No Contact Tech  

Hands-free technology is the new frontier of modern business. For many people, health and wellness are at the forefront of their minds, as they look for ways to reduce contact among large groups of people. Others love the ease and convenience that no contact technology can provide staff, clients, and customers.  

If you’re a business owner looking to revitalize the way you run your company, explore touchless technology below. At Texadia Systems, we install hands-free smart solutions in businesses across the Plano, TX area. You can learn more with us each month in our free newsletter. Subscribe here 

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What Is Touchless Technology?  

Hands-free technology includes any device that can be used without touching it directly. You may touch something else to activate it, like a smartphone app or keycard. But with artificial intelligence, IoT, and cloud connections, no contact tech streamlines your daily operations and ensures everyone stays healthy and safe.  

5 Ways to Go No Contact

Consider the high-touch areas in your workspace. Is it the conference room? The doorways and entrances? Hands-free interactions will protect your employees and visitors from health risks while also saving time and resources.  

1. Hands-Free Entry & Access  

One way to reduce contact is to replace doorknobs and keypads with touchless access controls. At building entrances, users can tap a card to a pad, or use facial recognition to come and go without keeping anything on their person. Once inside, motion detection automatically opens doors, and key cards can be used again for any private offices and spaces.  

2. Automate Systems to a Schedule   

Many of your systems, like lighting, shading, and thermostats, can be automated to turn on and off by a programmed schedule. With a smart controller like Crestron, you can program your lights to automatically shift color throughout the day and shades to lower when glare is strongest in the afternoon. Without even lifting a finger, your space will set the scene for a productive day and shut everything down once the office is empty.   

 3. Voice Control  

Don’t forget voice control! With voice assistant microphones and speakers placed across the building, your team can tell Alexa, Google Assistant, or to turn on the projector then turn off the lights, and the room will respond instantly.  

4. Motion Sensors 

Motion sensors are another handy way to reduce hands-on contact and speed up operations. When your team walks into the huddle room, for instance, lights can automatically blink on. Likewise, digital signage may stay off when idle; but once someone approaches it, the screen will turn on to display helpful information.  

5. Wireless Conferencing Solutions  

In conference rooms, teams usually connect their laptops to a wire that transfers presentations to a larger display. To reduce contact in your conference rooms, upgrade to wireless screen sharing solutions like Crestron’s AirMedia. Your team will wirelessly cast their screens onto the conference room display without touching any communal equipment. Everyone will only handle their personal device, and you won’t have to worry about maintaining a tangle of cables and dongles.  

Hands-free technology is shaking up the business world, but we see it all for the better. If your company is looking to embrace no contact solutions, Texadia Systems is your local expert. Contact our team here for a free consultation, and we’ll help find a solution that suits your business’s needs.