Lighting Control Is Not a Passing Office Trend. Here’s Why It’s Here to Stay.  

As businesses return to the office, we’ve seen many new workplace trends emerge, like open floor plans and ‘hot-desking.’ Whether these office designs will stick, it’s too soon to tell. But there’s one development we’re confident will become a permanent staple: smart lighting control.  

Lighting control systems can automate both smart LED bulbs and motorized shades. Your office lights can gradually brighten and dim, then turn off on their own when the office is vacant. And during the hottest times of day, shades can silently lower to reduce glare and keep rooms cool.   

You may be thinking, ‘But we get by fine already without smart lighting and shades. Why would we need that?’  

Motorized blinds and intelligent lighting actually provide numerous benefits, including saving time, energy, and creating a more positive workplace. Read on to see how automated lighting will benefit your Frisco, TX business, and contact Texadia Systems here to learn more.  

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Save Energy Year-Round  

MIT researchers estimate that US commercial buildings waste 30 percent of the energy they consume. Imagine if your business used 30 percent less energy and the savings you could allocate elsewhere.  

One of the most significant contributors to energy waste is lighting. Even with energy-efficient LEDs, if you’re leaving entire buildings lit all day, that will add up. Smart lighting can be programmed to turn on in the morning and automatically off at night, saving resources. Motion sensors also allow lights to stay on when needed and off in vacant rooms.  

Lights aren’t the only culprit. Heating and cooling can do a number on the grid, too. But did you know that motorized shades can help reduce your company’s reliance on AC and heating? In summer, heat sensors trigger motorized blinds to automatically lower, blocking out hot UV rays. In winter, honeycomb insulation shades can keep warmth in and rise when the sun strikes the window.  

Keep Employees Energized & Focused  

It’s hard for staff to stay motivated and engaged when they aren’t feeling their best. Offices that are too dim or too bright are uncomfortable to work in and may lead to employee dissatisfaction. Luckily, lighting control lets you customize lightbulbs’ brightness and color temperature anytime for a more comfortable environment.   

In fact, Lutron lighting systems can be programmed to follow the sun’s patterns and sync to our circadian rhythm. In the morning, office lights will appear bright and cool, like a sunny day. As the evening approaches, lights will gradually dim and warm like a golden sunset.  

Reduce Glare  

If your staff use computer screens, projectors, and interactive displays, they’ll need to see clearly without distractions. You can quickly reduce glare with a tap of a button with motorized shades. Press a keypad on the wall or tablet on the table, and blinds will lower in your conference rooms or training rooms. No longer will you need to finagle with drawstring cords and waste time. On with the presentation!  

Whether you’re a general contractor, a business owner, or the head of IT, you can find commercial lighting solutions in the Frisco, TX area from Texadia Systems. Contact our team here or send us a message below for a free consultation and to find the right fit for your office building. We look forward to helping you!