No Glare, Brighter Images, and Screens at Any Size or Shape 

If you’ve ever seen a seamless, glare-free video wall in an office building, it was likely a direct-view LED screen. LEDs are used for conferencing screens, digital signageand attention-grabbing video displays. Not sure what a direct-view LED screen is? That’s what we’re here to explain.  

Read on to discover the difference LEDs make in conference room AV and why they’re superior to LCD panels. With help from our team, your Plano, TX office will be more stunning than ever.  

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LED vs. LCD Screens  

Direct-view LEDs are created by mounting individual light-emitting diodes directly onto a printed circuit boardComparatively, LCD panels are made with a layer of liquid crystal between two pieces of polarized glass. Backlights illuminate the LCD screen to display an image, while LED screens use thousands of self-illuminating pixels. This allows LED panels to have superior color accuracy and refresh rates when compared to any other screen.  

Why Direct-View LEDs Look Better  

LCD screens need to be mounted next to each other in a tiled fashion to build a video wall in your office. The bezels around each panel would create visible seams, which distract from videos and distort text. Alternatively, LED video walls are stitched together seamlessly with no visible grid lines, regardless of screen dimensions. Just like a video billboard covering a Times Square buildingyour office’s LED screen will look flawless.  

LEDs don’t have reflective qualities, so you’ll eliminate any possibility of glare. The sun can shine directly into your conference room or lobby, and the screen will be as vibrant as ever. If you use LCD screens, the glass will reflect the sun, causing glare and diminishing images.  

LED displays are reliable, energy-efficient, and have the best color accuracy out of any screen. They’re the superior choice for large-scale video and digital signs with high-impact visuals.  

Endless Display Possibilities  

Since LED screens are modular, they’re incredibly flexible in size and shape. Want to get creative with your video displays? We can construct curved video walls, floor-to-ceiling displays, and screens in any aspect ratio or style. If you can imagine it, we can likely build it with direct-view LED screens.  

If you’re ready to elevate your Texas office with larger-than-life digital signage or stunning conferencing displays, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Texadia Systems to discuss your business’ conference room AV needs. We look forward to speaking with you!