Neon, Landscape, and Pendant Lighting by Our Favorite Brands

Whether you operate a live music restaurant, a seven-story office building, an art gallery, or something entirely different, the lighting inside your commercial space makes all the difference. Your interior will always look and feel better with the right lighting, giving your visitors an enriching experience. But another often overlooked aspect of commercial lighting is control. The best lighting solutions do much more than an on/off switch. Are you making the most of your business space and making daily operations easier for yourself?

Lighting control can be truly transformative to a business. To reach full potential with your McKinney, TX-area establishment, continue reading to learn more about our favorite lighting manufacturers.

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Environmental Lights

Want to have fun with your lighting? Environmental Lights is your brand. From lighting strips to neon signs and stage lighting, Environmental can create a vibrant spectacle in any color to make your space come alive. Their lighting design portfolio includes several high-profile clients like Nike Town NYC, Sephora Hollywood, House of Blues Las Vegas, and the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. It’s under cabinet lighting is perfect for bars and restaurants to add a glow of color to the setting. If you envision a space illuminated  with imagination and creativity—or if you’re considering it now for the first time—it’s all possible with Environmental.

DMF Lighting

According to DMF Lighting, “light is more than illumination, it’s what makes a space beautiful, useful, and ultimately, livable.” We couldn’t have said it better. DMF’s LED downlighting products allow complete customization of your space. The Adjustable LED Downlight can turn in 360 degrees and aim at a 40-degree adjustable tilt so that you can highlight specific walls or architectural finishes. The Adjustable LED Cylinder is ideal for high ceiling applications where recessed downlights can’t reach. You’ll beam light exactly where you need it and can choose from stem, cord, surface or wall mounts.

WAC Lighting

Lighting control isn’t restricted to indoors only. Accentuate your building’s architecture and greenery with WAC Lighting’s elegant landscape and architectural solutions. Illuminate walkways, walls, and even pools or aquariums with underwater lights. As for their indoor fixtures, WAC offers a variety of striking and stylish pendant lights that add character to any room. Whether you’re going for a modern geometric aesthetic or classic bistro lights, there’s a WAC fixture for your business.

Control Every Light with Crestron

You’re going to have a lot of lights in your commercial space. How can you easily control which lights are on or off, bright or dim, warm or cool tinted? With a Crestron smart system, you can control the entire building in one tap or adjust at the room and bulb-level. By wiring your lights to a centralized location like a utility closet, you’ll eliminate the need for banks of switches on the wall. Instead, you can manage and automate every light from your smartphone, tablet, control panel, or voice assistant speaker. Schedule the lights to turn on automatically in the morning and off at closing time. Merge your lighting with locks, speakers, and thermostats to save custom scenes and make managing a business as easy as pressing a button.


If you’d like to install lighting solutions by WAC Lighting, DMF Lighting, Environmental Lighting, or a smart system through Crestron, Texadia Systems is your McKinney installer for the job. Give us a call at (214) 956-5820 or submit our online form to discuss your business’ needs today.