Texadia Systems is the Control4 Dealer for Your Dallas and Fort Worth Home

Technology keeps getting better and better — and thankfully, that also applies to smart home technology. Not only has smart home automation become more sophisticated, it’s also become easier to manage. One of the companies leading the way in developing intelligent home solutions is Control4. Texadia Systems is your local Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, Control4 dealer and the highest-ranked Control4 Diamond Dealer for 4 years in a row, and we can provide the expertise you need.  We’ll cover Control4 solutions for you in this blog.

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Music is good for the soul, so you should invest in an audio system that takes your listening experience to the next level. With Control4’s multi-room audio, you can fill your entire home with music — letting you play your favorite song, playlist, or album simultaneously on all your home’s speakers (even your outdoor ones). Or, if you want to only choose a few speakers to play your content on, that’s an option too. You’ll be able to control everything through your smartphone, tablet, Control4 remote, or wired and wireless keypads.


Traditional light switches can be frustrating to deal with. Having to go up to each light fixture to turn them on or off can be time-consuming — and it’s easy to forget to turn them off when leaving the house. Control4’s lighting solution takes that frustration away by giving you the option to turn off your lights when it’s time to leave or go to bed, all with the touch of a button. By using the Control4 smartphone app, you can see which lights are still on in your home and turn them off through your phone.


Energy efficiency is always important, but especially in the summer. It’s the warmest months of the year, and thus when your HVAC system is working the hardest. A way to minimize your home from overheating is utilizing Control4’s climate system. With Control4 technology, you can adjust your thermostat through your Control4 app and set personalized settings that you can activate on a schedule. If you’ve left your home and are worried you left the temperature too high, you’d be able to adjust it remotely through your app — wherever you are.

Motorized Window Treatments

The Control4 app also lets you see the status of your home’s motorized window treatments. If you’re in your backyard but can see you forgot to lower your home office shades, you can adjust them through your phone’s app, just with a simple tap. In a Control4 system, your window treatments can also work with your lights and thermostat to increase energy efficiency.

Smart technology can automate the main components of a home and give users unique personalization and control. If you’re looking to incorporate Control4 features into your home, reach out to us at Texadia Systems, and we can provide the expertise you need. Send us a note here!