Its In-Wall Speakers & Amplifiers Make a Difference

McIntosh has built legendary audio products since 1949 and is a go-to for audiophiles and music fanatics. But their home audio systems go far beyond standard two-channel setups. If you’re interested in delivering rich, high-quality sound to every room of your house, consider McIntosh for whole-home audio. Its amplifiers and in-ceiling speakers will make music an integral part of your Dallas, TX home, simultaneously impactful and subtle like your lighting.  But why McIntosh, and what makes their multi-room audio solutions exceptional? We dive into what we love about the brand’s equipment below.

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Multiple Zones & Sources with McIntosh Amplifiers

When building a multi-room audio system, an amplifier is the first component you need to consider. An amplifier takes a small audio signal and amplifies it—or creates a larger replica—and then outputs it. Without an amplifier, you won’t get enough power to make your speakers work.  McIntosh’s built-in multi-zone and multi-source amplifiers allow every room to enjoy the same or different audio simultaneously. A professional can install cables through your walls to connect speakers and subwoofers from room to room. McIntosh’s MI254 digital amplifier offers four channels (compared to the standard two) and packs a powerful sound with 250 watts at nine ohms. The MI128 includes eight channels and puts out 120 watts into eight ohms—plenty of kick. You can also play a wide range of media sources, from turntables to CDs and streaming from your smartphone, so you won’t have to compromise any of your options.  

Discreet In-Ceiling Speakers

Whether you’ll be listening to jazz records or hip-hop playlists, bring it into every room without bulky towers on the floor or shelves. McIntosh’s in-wall and in-ceiling speakers create powerful, lifelike sound while blending in with your home’s aesthetic. Since the speakers’ grilles are paintable with hardly a visible edge, the speakers can virtually disappear into your walls or ceiling. You’ll hear a noticeable difference in McIntosh speakers, as though the house’s mood shifts once the music starts and midrange vocals ring clearly around you. Look for the WS500 in-wall speaker or the CS200 in-ceiling loudspeaker to begin building your multi-room system.  Ready to bring high-end whole home audio to your Dallas-area home? Contact us or call at (214) 956-5820 to find a solution perfect for your property.