Discover the Difference in Surround Sound for Your Home Theater or Music Enjoyment

When you’re in a movie theater, you never have to strain to hear what’s happening. In fact, the sounds of the film may be so powerful that you’re moved to tears or goosebumps.

And at a concert, music will fill the hall or stadium, bouncing off walls with a crowd around you, bass notes buzzing the floor. That might be too loud for your home enjoyment—but what if you could bring that immersion and sound quality to your Texas house?

At home, to experience movies and music like they were intended to be, a surround sound system will envelop you in sound. But how do you get started? What speakers do you need? As Dallas area’s top AV consultant, we’ll share all you’ll need for surround sound below.

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Center Speaker

Depending on who you ask, some will argue that the center channel speaker is the most crucial piece in a surround sound setup or music room. This is where most dialogue or lead vocals will emanate from.

Left and Right Speakers

Next, you’ll need your left and right speakers, with a pair at the front of your room and another pair beside or behind the viewer/listener for surround speakers. You can use floor-standing, bookshelf, or in-wall models for your left and right speakers—whichever suits your room’s design best.


The subwoofer has one purpose and one purpose only: giving low bass notes. Where you arrange your subwoofer is flexible; it sits on the floor and could rest at the front of the room, in a corner, or inside a wall.

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