Simplify Your Return to the Office with Touchless Technology & AV as a Service  

While the world and technology evolve at rapid speeds, we want to help businesses stay flexible. And as the past year’s events proved, it pays to be adaptable. Companies that were able to shift their processes quickly at the start of the pandemic were the ones who landed on their feet.  

And what could be more flexible than an AV as a Service plan? Rather than invest in new conferencing hardware, software, screens, speakers, and installations, you’ll be subscribed to a monthly service that includes upgrades at any time. Plusyour staff will feel more comfortable and safer with contactless AV.    

Read on to discover how AVaaS and contact-free technology can help your Frisco, TX company thrive during uncertain times. And for more on commercial AV, you can learn more in our blog series here.  

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Upgrade without the Commitment: AV as a Service  

AV as a Service, also known as AVaaS, means that rather than purchase all your office technology in full, you pay a monthly subscription to lease your hardware. 

Why would a business do that? Because AVaaS also includes installations, maintenance, support, training, and upgrades. If anything goes wrong or you aren’t sure how to use a conferencing system, we’re there to assist you. If you want the latest version of tabletop conferencing devices or projector systems, we can take your existing hardware and swap it for new ones 

Many Texas businesses find AVaaS plans make technology easier to scale, duplicating solutions across many rooms or buildings. If many departments need new touchless systems (see below), we can replicate the package we’ve built for one room and maintain it all under one plan.   

Stay Contactless & Safe: Hands-Free Technology  

Some of your staff may already be commuting into your building, while others work remotely. Or perhaps soon you’ll all be returning to the office. Regardless, people are more aware of sanity and health than ever, so we’re seeing a rise in contactless AV.  

Hands-free technology is especially handy with content sharing. Rather than grab a cable to connect a laptop to the projector, your team can share their screens through drag-and-drop software like Mersive’s Solstice or Crestron’s AirMedia.  

Additionally, automation systems with motion sensors and voice control let your staff control lights, thermostats, shades, and more without lifting a finger. Conference room lights can turn on once someone walks in and turn off after fifteen minutes of inactivity. The last person in the office can tell your voice assistant, “Good Night,” and all technology can turn off.   

Where to Find Conferencing AV in Frisco  

If your company is ready for automation, smart lighting, conferencing systems, or security solutions, you can find it all at Texadia Systems. We’re the areas leading AV consultant, helping companies perform their daily activities with minimal contact and the most efficient technology. 

Contact us here or message a member of our team below to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!