All You Can Expect From the Latest Control4 Upgrade

Have you experienced Control4’s OS 3 yet? Whether you’re new to Control4 home automation or already use an older version, the beautiful new operating system is a sleek update with exciting features. If you’re unsure if your Dallas, TX, home is ready for an upgrade, or if you’re putting off the change, maybe we can convince you. Texadia Systems is your local Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, Control4 dealer and the highest-ranked Control4 Diamond Dealer for 4 years in a row, and we can provide the expertise you need.

Once you update your Control4 system to OS 3, the OS 2 interface will suddenly look and feel ‘old fashioned.’ Read on to see what you’re missing in OS 3.

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Attractive New Interface

OS 3 looks like a modern smartphone screen, with fluid transitions and intuitive controls. As you switch between your smartphone, tablet, or remote, the system picks up where you left off. Plus, you can save customizable new wallpapers for each screen. Set a picture of your bathroom to the bathroom screen, so you’ll never accidentally click on the wrong room.

Save Your Favorites

If you’re always navigating to a radio station or adjusting the lights on the first floor, Control4 has made it easier to reach those in-demand features. You can now organize your Control4 interface with its new ‘Favorites’ options. Your frequently used icons and rooms will show up first, so you can swiftly select what you use most.

Check Icons At-A-Glance

It’s easier than ever to view the status of your home’s technology. Icons will depict in real-time whether lights are on, doors are open or unlocked, if fans are on, and if music is playing. Before you leave the house, check the Control4 screen to see what is “on” as you head out for the day.

New & Improved Audio Control

One of the handiest features is the new volume slider in music Sessions that replaces the plus and minus buttons of OS 2. The new active media bar displays what’s currently playing in your home. To add a zone to the music source, all you need to do is touch the house icon and select the room. From there, you’ll slide the volume for each speaker or the entire house.

How to Upgrade Your System

If you’re ready for the magic of OS 3, speak to a nearby Control4 dealer about upgrading your system. Control4 users located near Dallas, TX, can trust Texadia Systems, your local AV consultant, to update the system. In the meantime, you can download the new OS 3 app. After upgrading, all of your devices will still be connected to your network and ready to use again instantly.

Ready to witness Control4’s OS 3 for yourself? Contact Texadia Systems, Dallas’ certified Control4 dealer to enjoy the latest perks today.