Crestron’s Room Scheduling Touch Screens & Signage  

In large corporations, it’s often difficult to manage who can use certain spaces at a time. Teams may struggle to get a conference room for their group meeting, and at colleges and universities, students often need to find open rooms to work on projects or host a club. Students might settle into a room only to have a class arrive twenty minutes later, kicking them out.  

Crestron’s room scheduling hardware and software make it easier to find open rooms for meeting. The 70 Series Touchscreens and automated signs can sync to one system that your business will easily deploy and manage across departments.   

Could your McKinney, TX-area business or institution benefit from Crestron’s conferencing technology? As a Crestron dealer, we’ll share below how it works and will alleviate scheduling stresses. To learn more about conferencing technology, sign up for our free monthly newsletter 

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Room Scheduling with 70 Series Touch Screens 

Crestron’s 70 Series Touch Screens simplifies reserving conference rooms and staying on top of schedules. The touchscreens may be mounted on the wall or propped in a tabletop position. When mounted outside a conference room or classroom, the lightbar around the screen will glow green if a room is free and red if it’s reserved.   

Proximity sensors awaken the screen as someone approaches, and if the room is reserved, the screen will let a passerby know with “Reserved for next 40 minutes” on the hourly calendar. You can scroll ahead through the day’s schedule, looking to see when the room is available – then tap and reserve the space for your team instantly.  

Rooms may be reserved and checked on through the Crestron app, on desktop, or at the room’s touchscreen. The screen’s speedy processing power provides smooth, frictionless scrolling and connectto your network over Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Crestron is compatible with platforms like Microsoft Teams or EMS, and you can manage and maintain schedules remotely through the Cloud.  

Room Availability Signs  

Touchscreens aren’t the only way to display if a room is availableCrestron’s Room Availability Signs are synched to the same scheduling system and will glow red or green to indicate vacancy 

The signage is clearly legible from up to 150 feet away when mounted on the wall or ceiling. Select almost any color illumination on the Crestron app, and signs can alternate colors, fade in and out, or blink on and off to convey different messages. Crestron provides custom engravings to display any room name, number, or icon you need.     

Mass Room Deployment with XiO Cloud  

If you’re running a large company with multiple buildings, floors, and conference rooms, it would be a headache to deploy your conferencing software across every tablet. That’s where Crestron’s XiO Cloud platform saves the day. You can configure thousands of devices simultaneously to scale mass room deployment. Your scheduling system will all be linked together instantlyso you won’t have to connect each touchscreen one at a time.   

Could your business benefit from Crestron’s conference room scheduling technology? Their intelligent systems require the expertise of a certified Crestron dealer. For a Crestron installation in McKinney, TX, contact Texadia Systems to learn more