Simplify Your Routine and Transform Your Home’s Appearance   

We’ve all sat down for a movie and thought, It’s too bright in here. You stand up to turn off the lights, and next you might say, Now it’s too dark! We can’t see each other! You turn on the hallway light and ask your family or friends if that now looks good. Finally, you can start the movie.  

These sorts of dilemmas happen all the timeBut Lutron, the lighting control manufacturer, says no more to poor lighting. Light, both natural and artificial, is an essential component to cultivating an atmosphere at home. Lutron’s motorized shades and lighting solutions use smart home automation to make the most of your interior spaces.  

Below, we explain why Lutron’s smart lighting and shading is the only choice for the modern home. And to find Lutron in Fort Worth, TX, contact Texadia Systems here 

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Customize to Any Appearance  

You’re never stuck with one atmosphere with Lutron lighting control. From your smartphone or tablet, you can slide your finger across the color wheel and brightness bar to select the color and vibrancy you desire.  

Do you want dim, warm lighting in the bedroom at night but bright lighting in the master bathroom for your morning routine? Consider it done. Fun purple and teal lights for the pool party? In a quick swipe on your phone, you’ve got it. When you turn the lights off then on again, it will remember the last setting you created and save it there until you change it again.  

Lutron’s personalization doesn’t stop at lightbulbs. Its motorized shades are available in a variety of colors, fabrics, materials, and opacities. Blackout shades can turn any room completely dark, perfect for home theaters and catching up on sleep. Dual window treatments can include two different horizontal blinds so that you can lower light-filtering or room-darkening shades depending on your mood. Lutron even offers motorized vertical drapery for all wall-sized windows to open and close.  

Always On or Off When You Need  

Imagine returning home after dark to lights already turned on at your home’s entrance. In the morning when you leave, your house’s lights can all shut off automatically. Shades can lower instantly near bedtime, but they’ll always be raised around sunset.  

Lutron lets you schedule your lights and shades according to your daily routine. No longer do you need to run around pulling on blinds or flicking off lights. And if you have a voice assistant, tell it to turn off the whole house at once.  

Doesn’t Communicate Over Wi-Fi  

The trouble with Wi-Fi-reliant smart devices is that they congest your network and will cause the rest of your devices to slow down. When there are too many electronics connected to your router, it will surely run with delays. And if your Wi-Fi is slow, that means you can’t turn on the lights or lower the shades instantly.   

Instead, Lutron uses its own wireless frequencyLutron’s RA2 wireless network connects its smart shades and lights to your home automation system and can include up to 100 devices within the home.  

Save Scenes for All of Life’s Moments  

Your Lutron installer can program customized scenes that adjust your lights and shades accordingly. In one tap, you’ll enjoy the perfect ambience. Custom scenes could include moments like:  

  • Movie night 
  • Cocktails 
  • Dinner party 
  • Reading time 
  • Cleaning 
  • Morning  
  • Bedtime 
  • Workout 
  • Holiday party  
  • Away from home  

Select the room you want, tap the scene, and continue with your activities under the perfect light settingsLutron’s custom wall keypads may also incorporate lighting scenes like “Good Morning” and “Good Night” that even visitors can press for swift lighting control.   

Are you ready for the ultimate convenience and elegance of Lutron lighting and shading? Contact Texadia Systems in Fort Worth to get started on your new lighting system today